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    RA Board, At-Large Director Seat, 3-yr term
    STOP wasteful spending
    STOP projects invasive on neighbors and nature
    DEMAND transparency from the RA Board
    ADVOCATE Member interests to Fairfax County

RA Board, At-Large Candidate(3-yr term)

The RA Board continues to struggle with its behavior of wasteful spending on projects Members don't want. Examples are the Hook Road full-facility rebuild with invasive “enhancements”, $100k RA website with terrible user experience, glossy magazine with outrageous costs and the WebTrac pictureID system that violates Member privacy. Although RA boasts that 2018 assessments are lower, it is because 429 new Members brought additional revenue and NOT because RA cut costs.

I want to STOP the wasteful spending and STOP the rapidly rising assessment bills.

The RA Board continues to operate with a lack of transparency and responsibility. Recently, RA used $2.42 million of reserve money to pay off the Lake House loan in an effort to reduce the 2018 assessments by a mere $8.66. The loan is one of the cheapest loans available to RA at 3.35%, especially considering the property was highly leveraged with a purchase price of more than twice its county assessed value. Historically, reserves have been gainfully invested – $2.8 million from 2014-2016 produced 4%/yr, as stated on record quoted by the CFO in the September 14th budget meeting available on YouTube. This was a rushed decision by the Board, without due diligence, just weeks before all of them are now running for re-election. Without this minute reduction in the assessments and the additional revenue from 429 new Members, the 2018 assessment would have been higher than the 2017 assessment.

I will DEMAND Board responsibility and transparency, and PROMOTE effective audits – timely, transparent and member-inclusive. Also, as seen from the above example, excess reserve funds promotes bad spending behavior. I want to REFUND excess reserve funds to Members.

In other cost-cutting measures, I am AGAINST unjustified capital expenditure and I want to REDUCE operating expenses. For example, RA ventured to perform a full-facility rebuild of the Hook Road project with a budget of mere $122k that was fit only for routine maintenance. Amongst the items they wanted to see if the community desired on Hook Road was i) Regulation soccer/baseball/lacrosse fields with lights, bleachers, pavilions ii) Butterfly park iii) Wifi and charging stations iv) Dog park/Skateboard park/Sculpture garden. The list went from being strange to almost comical, and it has signs of influence from special interest groups.

I have actively participated in prevention of St. Johns Wood high-rises, unwarranted Hook Road full-facility rebuild instead of just maintenance, replacing natural Lake Newport soccer fields with artificial turf, Fairfax County zoning changes that would eliminate our golf course open spaces, paid parking at Reston Town Center, and the Density Cap Increase.

I want to STOP projects invasive on neighbors and nature and STOP special interest group projects. I will ADVOCATE Member interests to Fairfax County and I am AGAINST the Density Cap increase. I also want to unite Reston to stay strong on the message of NO MORE high-rises without infrastructure, and NO high-rises in interior Reston.

I am a Reston resident that wants to give back to the community in a country that gave him everything.

To learn more about my positions on key issues, click here

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

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