My position on key issues

Wasteful spending

STOP wasteful spending on projects Members don’t want – Hook Road full-facility rebuild with invasive “enhancements”, $100k RA website with terrible user experience, glossy magazine with outrageous costs, WebTrac pictureID system


STOP rapidly rising assessment bills. Although RA boasts that 2018 assessments are lower, it is because 429 new Members brought additional revenue and NOT because RA cut costs.

Special Interest Group projects

AGAINST any special interest group projects. RA spent $50k of the $122k alloted budget for Hook Road in suggesting features intrusive to neighbors and nature. And certainly the list did not represent the general Member interests, rather of some special interest groups. Examples of features were i) Regulation soccer/baseball/lacrosse fields with lights, bleachers, pavilions ii) Butterfly park iii) Wifi and charging stations iv) Dog park/Skateboard park/Sculpture garden.

DEMAND Board transparency and responsibility

Promote effective audits – timely, transparent and member-inclusive. RA used $2.42m of reserve money in a rushed decision to pay the Lake House loan. Historically, reserves have been gainfully invested – $2.8m from 2014-2016 produced 4%/yr

Capital expenditure

AGAINST unjustified capital expenditure. RA was suggesting digging up and resurfacing tennis and basketball court surfaces that looked and functioned perfectly fine, simply on account of their "full-facility rebuild" philosophy.

Reserve funds

REVIEW excess reserve funds. Millions of dollars in RRRF excess of professional firm's recommendation. Unused, unjustified reserve funds bring out bad spending behavior.

Operating Expenses

REDUCE operating expenses.

Operating revenue

INCREASE operating revenue from existing income channels

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties need to start contributing their fair share

Invasive projects

STOP projects invasive to our neighbors and nature


Campaign and lobby for more infrastructure projects proportional to development boom


NO MORE high-rises without infrastructure
NO high-rise condos in interior Reston

ADVOCATE Member interests to Fairfax County

Fairfax County must be reminded that developers cannot lobby their way through changing zoning of open space golf courses to dense residential development, as well as the Density Cap increase

AGAINST Density Cap increase

Density Cap must stay at 13 since the proposed increase is unwarranted

Tetra Deal

RA spent $45k in consultant fees on Stoneturn review of the Tetra Deal which produced 45 recommendations on process improvements, devoid of individual culpability. As one Member pointed out, the 45 recommendations were available in a homeowner's guide available online for a mere $35. Also, just when we thought that the Tetra Deal could not get any worse, RA spent $2.42 million of Members reserve money to pay off the Lake House loan. This further deviates from what Members were told in the Tetra Referendum. The referendum did not disclose to Members that reserve cash would be used to pay off the loan before its term. I do not think that the Tetra referendum would have narrowly passed if Members had been told this.

Design Review Board

REVIEW obselete and burdensome Design rules on residents. Meanwhile, focus on discouraging greedy developers from building large mass and high density structures